Elaine Scott Bridgman, Author of <em>How to be a Widow</em>

My passion is to help you enjoy being alone.
One of the by- products of being alone is the lack of cuddling, and loving, and receiving unconditional love and companionship.






Back Camera

Not just any dog, girls need little dogs, that they can take just about take anywhere they go…you know, a little loving, cuddly dog, that is so cute, your heart melts, just  looking at her…yes, her.

(So often male dogs pee all over the place to mark their territory…It’s your territory)….
She will stay in her bed in the corner, while you do what you want to do. Or quietly on your lap, patiently awaiting a pat here or there.
She will travel with you, go to the office hidden in your purse, fly with you in a little vestibule, and love you from under the seat of a plane.

She will sleep with you, burrow down to the bottom of your sheets, and peer up once in a while, but never wake you up.  When you do wake, she will roll over and wait for you to tickle her belly.




The first thing anyone who needs, to be happy and alone, is to take the time to know one’ self …  Get rid of baggage, take yourself as a priority, and be adventurous.
From my latest book… “How To Be A Widow In Today’s World”…Redesigning Your Life, and Guarding Your Own Self Interest… Registered. U.S.  Library of Congress. SR u 1-083-520. Copyright. All rights reserved.


Note: Men will happily love ANY KIND of dog.

A big dog, either male or female is a boy’s idea of wrestling, playing, throwing balls, long walks, kind of a dog, for just plain boisterous stuff.

You can “talk” to each other. You can just be together. You can play all the time if you like. And leave each other alone too. No judgment!


Elaine Scott Bridgman, Author of <em>How to be a Widow</em>BEING ALONE AND HAPPY IS THE ULTIMATE FREEDOM
My passion is to eliminate the sadness that comes from loneliness.
Taking control of all aspects of your life, without undue emotion, and plenty of cunning, allows you to know yourself well enough, to be able to predict what will make you happy.
To think clearly about controlling your life, you must get rid of “baggage”. The older we get the more baggage we accumulate.  Take a good look at yourself, and admit what baggage you carry.  Get the heck out of there!   Forget about the “would have been, and could have been” stuff.   Only then can you look to the exciting aspects of your future.
As John Bunyan shows in “Pilgrim’s Progress”,  you must know what it is you want, and then with determination, and concentration, you must be willing to pay the necessary price.  Discipline, self assurance, and a goal worthy of all your efforts, should be your drive from now onward.
Hold your head up high, and smile at the future.
From  “How To Be A Widow…”


Elaine Scott Bridgman author of <em>How to be a Widow</em>THIS IS MY PASSION.
I want to eliminate the sadness attributed to loneliness, because being alone, is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.
“Don’t you just love it when you want a cup of coffee, and you don’t have to make one for anyone else?”
Whether you are single, divorced, widowed, of just find yourself alone in life, you can take that opportunity to be completely selfish. You can learn to be strong, all by yourself, and love your own company.
When you are alone, you can completely redesign your life, if you will just take the time to learn who you are, and what you want.
You can only concentrate on yourself, if you are alone.  You can get the power of self interest.  You can redesign your life, guard your own self interest, and be happy right now.
After researching the lives of over two hundred people alone, and writing  my latest book, “How To Be A Widow, In Today’s World,  Redesigning Your Life and Guarding Your Own Self Interest”  I am enjoying travelling to give up beat Motivational Speeches.  This has been gratifying, and I have enjoyed spreading the word about controlling your life, and being happy.

The Door of No Return

Elaine on a recent mission to Africa,  looking out from “THE DOOR OF NO RETURN” on Goree Island in West Central Africa.elaine scott bridgman

Local Author, Elaine Scott Bridgman, knows and loves this island, and its People.

The attached photo is of me looking out the “door of no return” on Goree Island, Senegal, West Central Africa. It is the site of the former slave house and embarkation point, built by the Dutch in 1776. Slaves were then, horribly treated and separated from their families, according to their perceived value on the market.

elaine scott bridgman

The magnificent Goree Island is one of my favorite places on this earth.  One picture is of me at the summit, where one could easily stay forever in its bustling beauty.  The serenity and peace now on the island, and its happy people is a geographical utopia for all souls, and completely belies its miserable history.

elaine scott bridgman on mission trip

Other photos are of Elaine getting fitted for traditional dress designed by her and two small, and hard working, business women.  These enterprising and sweetly intelligent women only need a little backing to become the next entrepreneurs of African power.   Elaine helped a few woman entrepreneurs visualize the formation of  little shop fronts in the poorest areas of Dakar.  With the help of Internet selling, and coordinating dressmaking and jewelry, these young woman artists could form their own enterprises.

the door of no return, Elaine Scott Bridgman



Speaking a slightly different version of her acquired Parisian French language, Elaine was easily able to communicate with these Senegalese natives towards forming their own methods of making much needed income to fund their families, and increase their livelihood, and lifestyle.