Bridgman Publishing

Bridgman Publishing was created to help writers publish their art, and maintain control of their work. Elaine Bridgman, who has worked with publishers in the past, felt there were so many people out there, who were at a loss to get their material out, and publicize their works, for all to read, and enjoy. One such book is a novel, by a first time author, that will debut in the Spring of 2014. Other works include a children’s trilogy.
With the goal of enabling the authors of worthy books, to successfully launch their art, Bridgman Publishing encourages everyone to work as closely as possible in their own business community. This helps the local economy, and the writer maintains control.
Bridgman Publishing has other books in the works by Elaine Scott Bridgman. An historic novel about self discovery, called “FLY AWAY HOME”. This novel is about a poor immigrant’s amazing journey towards the American Dream. A dream that changed with the passing decades.

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