Elaine Scott Bridgman, Author of <em>How to be a Widow</em>BEING ALONE AND HAPPY IS THE ULTIMATE FREEDOM
My passion is to eliminate the sadness that comes from loneliness.
Taking control of all aspects of your life, without undue emotion, and plenty of cunning, allows you to know yourself well enough, to be able to predict what will make you happy.
To think clearly about controlling your life, you must get rid of “baggage”. The older we get the more baggage we accumulate.  Take a good look at yourself, and admit what baggage you carry.  Get the heck out of there!   Forget about the “would have been, and could have been” stuff.   Only then can you look to the exciting aspects of your future.
As John Bunyan shows in “Pilgrim’s Progress”,  you must know what it is you want, and then with determination, and concentration, you must be willing to pay the necessary price.  Discipline, self assurance, and a goal worthy of all your efforts, should be your drive from now onward.
Hold your head up high, and smile at the future.
From  “How To Be A Widow…”  www.elainescottbridgman.com.

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