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The Initial Shock and its aftermath.
“You need to let yourself cry, scream at the moon, hibernate, but you will have to stop at some point: you may as well dry your eyes for a while, do what hundreds of other widows have done to make things better.”

Losing your soul mate, whether expected or not, is, and always will be, an experience of enormous proportion in your life time. Nothing, ab¬solutely nothing, but time, will help you initially, except perhaps some really good advice, a shoulder to cry on, and your own ability to rally and work hard to fashion a new future, and just plain move on with your own life. It is impossible for you to realize at first, that things will get better, but they will. You will learn how to make it better, all by yourself.
Faith, whether in God, yourself, or your own ability to stay positive and not wallow in yur own self pity, will help to pull you through. You need to let yourself cry, scream at the moon, hibernate, and stay down when you jolly well feel like doing so but you will also have to stop at some time along the way, so you might as well dry your tears for a while and learn what hundreds of other widows have done, to make things better, and make as few mistakes as possible. Take the time to enlighten your¬self, and try to be as clinical as possible, by putting your emotions on the shelf for a while. This book has been compiled with the experiences and bumps along the road of over 200 widows at one stage or another, while on their journey to a new and successful life.
A recent study has shown that, woman are about 7 1/2 times more likely than men, to suffer “broken heart syndrome”. This syndrome hap¬pens in such classic cases, as a woman who ….