The Door of No Return

Elaine on a recent mission to Africa,  looking out from “THE DOOR OF NO RETURN” on Goree Island in West Central Africa.elaine scott bridgman

Local Author, Elaine Scott Bridgman, knows and loves this island, and its People.

The attached photo is of me looking out the “door of no return” on Goree Island, Senegal, West Central Africa. It is the site of the former slave house and embarkation point, built by the Dutch in 1776. Slaves were then, horribly treated and separated from their families, according to their perceived value on the market.

elaine scott bridgman

The magnificent Goree Island is one of my favorite places on this earth.  One picture is of me at the summit, where one could easily stay forever in its bustling beauty.  The serenity and peace now on the island, and its happy people is a geographical utopia for all souls, and completely belies its miserable history.

elaine scott bridgman on mission trip

Other photos are of Elaine getting fitted for traditional dress designed by her and two small, and hard working, business women.  These enterprising and sweetly intelligent women only need a little backing to become the next entrepreneurs of African power.   Elaine helped a few woman entrepreneurs visualize the formation of  little shop fronts in the poorest areas of Dakar.  With the help of Internet selling, and coordinating dressmaking and jewelry, these young woman artists could form their own enterprises.

the door of no return, Elaine Scott Bridgman



Speaking a slightly different version of her acquired Parisian French language, Elaine was easily able to communicate with these Senegalese natives towards forming their own methods of making much needed income to fund their families, and increase their livelihood, and lifestyle.

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