With her animated style, and British accent, Elaine is upbeat and entertaining. she has a way of grabbing your attention, and is brutally honest on a wide number of subjects
Her advice on managing singlehood, and taking control of your life, is inspiring, and motivating.

She has spoken at Forums such as AARP, YWCA., where she covers many subjects, Click on to the subjects at the right side of this page for examples of her speaking on a variety of subjects.

* Preparing for Widowhoodhow to be a widow in today's world

* Overcoming Loneliness
* Money
* Avoiding Pitfalls of singlehood

Elaine has held Seminars at venues, such  as resorts, book clubs, the Chamber of Commerce and various hotels.

*General Public
* Associations and Clubs. (Great method of Fundraising for your organization.)
* Private Gatherings. Graduations.

Seminar Package:
$40.00/per person
Contact Elaine to set up your date
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