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Fly Away Home

Fly Away HomeColorful, and courageous, with an indomitable  spirit, and a heart of gold, our heroine evokes envy and unkindness from females, and spontaneous lust from males. Her adventures inevitably swamp her with trouble, and difficulties as she careens through her life with nothing but the best of intentions, and automatic love for everyone.


Far more concerned for the well being of those around her than she will ever be for herself, she seems to come through with flying colors when most others would give up and exude negativity and resentment. Like Christian, in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress, Margaret faithfully tries to do the right thing and make the correct choices as she charges through the intricate paths of life. These roads lead her to an abundance of perils, and ecstasies that would exhaust the average girl.


But she is far from average, and her optimistic bent keeps her from any semblance of caution.


From extraordinary beginnings, and brutal treatment by her father, who always wanted her to be a boy, and her escape to another world, she eventually finds her Utopia, and learns how to stand guard against the urge to blame herself for her mistreatment by others. History, she realizes will always repeat itself if you don’t learn from it and know when to come in out of the rain.