Audience response to Elaine Bridgman’s talk at the August meeting of the Rotary Club of Indialantic was not only receptive but notable for the laughter it elicited throughout.  Brief, one-line follow-up summations from the audience were most interesting:

“Learn to love yourself again before moving on.”

“Stay away from men and get a dog.”

“Have some wine.”

Well done, Ms. Bridgman!

 Jim H., Rotary Club of Indialantic


I have learned so much from Elaine’s book.  This is my second time being widowed, my last husband died three years ago.  I learned that it’s OK to have men for friends without any kind of commitment. It is also helping with closure.  I am forever grateful to my friend for giving me this book.  When I finish reading it, I have promised it to a close friend, so that she can benefit also.

Dotty B.

With such a serious subject, you would not expect the book to be so

funny, I really enjoyed the positive perspective, and I loved that I can
play the C.D. version in my car for added understanding.

-Rae M.

I thoroughly enjoyed “How To Be A Widow”, and have passed it on to two friends.  One is a recent widow, and the other has been widowed for several years.  Thank you so much for sharing, and I wish you every success.

-Terri  E.


When I left her debut seminar, I felt highly motivated to take control of my life.  She gave me renewed strength to concentrate on my own self interest.  I was afraid it would make me cry and miss my husband more, but she uplifted me and was quite funny.

-Jerrie S.


I was the only man at her seminar, and I had to admit she was mostly right when she described our species.  She is brutally honest.

-W. Upton.


I love her style of writing, and her British accent.  Her audio book is lovely to listen to.  I got both the book, and the audio book for a special discount.

-N. Parrish.


Once people know about her, and that she actually helps non profit clubs do a fundraiser, with her talks and seminars, and book discounts, she will be so busy. She’s a winner.

-Patrick J.


I never thought of being alone as a gift,  before reading her book.  Nor did I think of losing my husband as a chance to redesign my life, and take charge of my own future. Getting your life back by default is actually true.  I can’t wait to actually hear her in person.

-Wendy M.