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“HOW TO BE A WIDOW”, was born out of over 200 interviews, and experiences of widows, and is designed to help anyone who is enormously affected by being alone, and somewhat lost in the shuffle of everyday life. It is for everyone who has experienced a life changing event, or the loss of personal direction.
The inability to function, and feeling stuck in a circle of despair, with or without grief, is a tragedy that is easily avoidable. Only when one is able to grasp the concept of, “Self Interest”, can one redesign life in a successful, and controlled way that will build strength, direction, and a new sense of personal power.

 Only when one puts aside emotion, and looks at a situation, and other people objectively, can one make a sensible decision towards a stable and happy success in life.

The book has been written in a “girlie conversational” way, so as to perk up the mood, and drill in the fact that this is a chance to rebuild your life as you want it to be, and not as it evolved, without your firm control, in the past. It is designed to guide you to a new strength of purpose for personal growth and success. Most of all, it helps to overcome the blindness of emotion, that overrules logic.

How to be a widow - Audiobook

Audio Book: HOW TO BE A WIDOW – 3 Disc Set

Don’t have time to sit down and read?  Then try this set of disks that you can listen to in your car while driving to work or doing errands.  Elaine’s wonderful English accent will make this a great listening experience.  Also, you can always replay sections that you would like to review or didn’t fully grasp the first time around.

Combination Book and Disc Set - How to be a widowCombination Book & Disc Set: HOW TO BE A WIDOW
Book & 3 Disc Set

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